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Some vegetarian and vegan revelers might want to reconsider that thick, creamy Irish stout — it could contain trace amounts of fish bladders.
Smithsonian.com’s Food&Think blog published on Wednesday an in-depth explanation of isinglass, a form of collagen culled from a dried swim bladder, an internal fish organ that helps regulate buoyancy in water. It’s used in a process called fining — when unwanted leftovers, like solid particles and degenerated yeast cells, are removed from the brewing process. These elements settle on their own to the bottom of a cask in a jelly-like clump, but isinglass quickens the process and makes them easier to remove.

How to Recycle Your Makeup From Yesterday


STEP ONE: Don’t fucking do anything.

STEP TWO: It’s fine.


Hitting shelves in six-packs April 14, Stone Saison, a refreshingly earthy, citrusy Belgian-style farmhouse ale given Southern California character care of lemon thyme, lavender, lemon zest and grains of paradise. Much of that flavorful bounty was harvested from our very own Stone Farms, giving this saison a unique and homegrown flavor all its own. Learn more about this beer and our interactive food-pairing #PairedWith initiative online – http://www.stonebrewing.com/saison

(via Brand New: New Logo and Packaging for Upland Brewing Co. by Young & Laramore)

Revlon, American Vogue, November 1986.

A Jade Jagger watercolor of rose petals in concentric circles is displayed above an armoire by André Arbus.